Thursday, April 21, 2022

Did a Trip Into Toronto Today for The First Time In Almost 3 Years!

               It has been almost 3 years now since I was in Toronto and this week 2 days ago, I got the chance and opportunity to actually go into Toronto. Now Eric and I didn't get to step off the bus whatsoever as time was very limited for the both of us to get back to meet up with the Terry but most definitely next time we will make sure we leave early enough. I will get to that at the end of the post. The route was interesting in the way of route and even catered to the college I went to almost 12 years ago which is scary and of course the university here as well since it serves both as their on the same property and campus together.  Then straight down to one of the big roads and west. On the way made stop at a Go Station on the way I believe it was only one station then across. It weaved in and out was an incredible route. It took us long enough to get there hour and a half but worth it. 

             I am so glad that they have a way to connect to TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) as they didn't really have any connection via our transit and theirs which is totally nice. Next time we would have to leave early enough and spend sometime out there at Scarborough Town Centre area which will be coming later in the spring when it gets warmer and also a trip to downtown with Eric so I can say I've been to Toronto myself but for now I am staying put and next week is another adventure back into Scarborough via the 900 route then down to Guildwood and home. That is my little storytime for this week what I did and where I went this week and this is the start for me returning to Toronto hopefully soon as I wanna eventually go to the Blue Jays/Cubs game at Rogers Centre this summer. 


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