Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Decided to Stream to Both Platforms!

         First of all I'm sorry this is up the very next day. I wasn't in a good mood and 2 the internet was being a pain in the butt here in the studio. Second of all, I've reversed the decision to stream on Facebook and YouTube with the occasional gaming stream. Depending on the weeks I have more time but right now I am swamped with work and we're trying to get the workload down. But I will stream for half hour to an hour. However weekly just chatting streams will happen regardless on both Facebook and YouTube. I may as well do both for at least one of the two streams. 

         So I think it is the best move. I know the video I did that is being released I think I will redo the video to explain further but anyways that is coming tomorrow. I just think the more platforms I stream to the better it is. Now I know I would have to subscribe on X in order to use Twitter Live and I do not know how to stream to Instagram on top of FB/YouTube so I am just going to focus on the two for now. Anyways that is the post, be on the lookout for the normal post at 11 am EST for the blog and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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