Monday, July 31, 2023

My Thoughts On Twitter Changes... [Voicing Frustrations]

            I have been a part of Twitter since the mid way through The Video Projects Team under TVProjectsTeam I think the original of TVPTOfficial. Then ChrisBOnTheWeb account which was under EMPOfficial when Entertainment Man Productions existed back then which was the same account "ChrisBOnTheWeb" had up to a week ago almost since leaving the platform. Reason behind that was unknown and I was going to talk about it on a stream back on Sunday last week (a week ago) but I fell ill and I ended up cancelling the stream because of it. The reason is I couldn't see Tweets as there is a limit of tweets you can see per day and same with the amount of Tweets and DM's you can send on the platform too.

           Now the logo has been replaced with X and to be honest I do not think it is fair to people who cannot afford the check mark and what not to have restrictions and I thought this was suppose to be free for everyone and it isn't even that anymore and I just couldn't be on the platform anymore. So my account is gone, deleted. I know a few of you we're not happy with my decision to leave but it is what it is that is my choice for my community but still on Facebook and Instagram, have my Discord server that is what matters to me. Anyways that is the post for today I will talk to you all tomorrow for another post.


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