Sunday, July 30, 2023

Food Review [07-30-2023]

               I got 4 different reviews within one blog.First Alton's. I went there twice within 12 hour span. First time had a French Onion Soup which was fantastic with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon which was amazing as well. 10/10 for that meal. This was the night of the Bison's game. Then the next morning, I had pancakes which was a ton of them like 3 in a stack if I remember and was nice and fluffy and really delicious! I of course smothered it in Maple Syrup as I always do with pancakes with an orange juice to start my morning off. of course 10 out of 10 again. Then on our way home as I may have mentioned it previously last week on one of my blogs and I had Pasta Bellagio which was fettuccine with bell peppers and I was able to have it plain and I didn't know that or shrimp or chicken, I didn't know I was able to have it plain but chose Chicken. Also came with that soup I had which was cabbage soup with a polish sausage in it or some kind of sausage in it. I mentioned last week as well but I could of had the chicken one with rice in it for soups if I wanted to but chose it this way. Another 10 out of 10 for that dish.

            Now also on the way we stopped for a cookie and drink and Wendy's and apparently the girl serving us could only do one pot at a time which was really dumb and her attitude was not very good and the comment she gave me a comment about how its gonna be hard to eat the frosty and I already knew that. It wasn't necessary to make a comment honestly. If I knew the location I would of reported her but I do not know New York that well but I understand she was having a bad day but the attitude and comments wasn't necessary. I would give that experience a -5 and if I am ever there I will not go to that location if there is a next time. Don't worry I am not turned off Wendy's up here in Canada, I promise you that. That is the post for today, will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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