Tuesday, September 21, 2021

I've A Lot of Time To Think About Things.....

                 I have had a lot of time to think about it and reflect after being banned for the 5th time, I've considered leaving Facebook all together as a whole. However since the group has been growing, I had to reconsider things as it has been amazing to sit back and watch the group grow so I am going to stay and there has been things that I wanna tweak within the group. If you are on the group you saw the post Alexandra posted but I will say this, I wasn't going to do any Moderators and I am still considering it and have a short time to decide and I think I will be still doing it as of this weekend, I will have no Mods for now. I am not going to put up with anything on the group. If I remove someone from the group then I lose a number so I have had time to re-think the strategy with the group side of things. 

               Now with the blog, when I announced the new schedule with the blog, I didn't think about it clearly... I reconfigured the blog incorrectly so starting Monday, I will be going back to the original format which is this:

Mondays: Regular Topic/Events when it starts back up again.

Tuesdays: Regular Topic

Wednesdays: Regular Topic

Thursdays: Regular Topic

Fridays: End of The Week Update (Under a new name)

                Now the Weight Loss Updates will be sporadic and have no specific day and when I feel ready for updates, then I will give em but again it is on a random schedule at this time, no big plans for updates often we will see how it goes moving forward. Anyways that is my update and I know my blogs are all over the place this week but it is what it is and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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