Monday, September 20, 2021

Power Rangers Collab Is In A Bit of Trouble....

             The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is in trouble..... Not financially or legally but it goes along the line when he's able to come back to studio not to just record but also hangout. Sundays was always our day to record and that may be soon to be changing as we may have to change days for recording and also hanging out and I am not happy with my transit system whatsoever. I hope Larry is going to be able to resolve this issue, as we may end up recording during the week but when is the question and I do not really know what will happen as this hasn't been discussed yet as this was figured out yesterday morning where there is no bus just a "B route" and doesn't come all the way out and trust me I have emailed the transit system twice in the last 2 days now and their not hearing the end of it. I told em I run a podcast and Sundays were our regular days which now is not the case anymore. 

              So I do not know the future of this, I have started to question a lot of things, whether it is time for me to move out the area, my childhood home and move into an apartment that actually has a bus route and able to travel without restrictions of service to my Co-Host especially. So this is on my long list of things to discuss with Larry and he already knows cause once again I went off at Larry like usual and he's not going to be happy whatsoever and a ton of planning to do when we're off air between RPM and Samurai and we will probably have a ton of meetings and getting organized before he is able to return to the studio and once I know the plan, we will be sure to tell you guys the plan moving forward but right now it will have to be discussed first and it is at the bottom of our list of things to do right now as the list is quite long. So thanks a lot That is the post for today and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


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