Saturday, September 18, 2021

Weekly Updates (09-18-2021)

               For this update, I do not have any real updates this week, things are progressing well and you guys saw a pop up podcast for Entertainment Man Podcast and that is because every 2nd week I will have an second episode up so this week there is no bonus episode. However today I wanna focus on the Future of ChrisBOnTheWeb & and also one last thing to address as I am struggling with something:

- Jim wasn't lying when it came to his post last Tuesday evening when he came out in the open that I am planning to renew this domain for a longer length and I still got a few years left on this current contract but try renewing this domain for a decade, yes that is how dedicated I am to this website and the projects that I am doing currently. 

- When I get closer into the 10 year anniversary, more then likely just a special anniversary banner will be made for the anniversary but we are planning to not overdo the banners and design but yes it is a big deal that this website.

                One last thing I wanna address before I wrap up today's post is I have been having thoughts about the way The Video Projects Team ended and worried about now that ChrisBOnTheWeb is now getting closer into 7 years now that 8.5 year is only a year and a half away and worried it will not last but as I said it will and Jim and I have been talking about 10 year and having some festivities and probably have a party planned and probably have my Alum here, Justin, Larry here, The Video Projects Team Alum probably will be welcomed to come to the studio to celebrate. I think as I wrap up this weekly updates on the blog today, I know me being on my own for content and yes collaborating with my friends and other content creators is the way to go with this website. I can see the website and ChrisBOnTheWeb brand go 10, 20, 30 years at the most and it will but right now, it's in single digits. That is what I have to say and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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