Monday, March 29, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-29-2021]

                 Another week has begun and let me introduce myself, my name is Chelsea and I am currently in Nova Scotia and I am ChrisBOnTheWeb's new resident Site Admin since we had our other site admin resign. So Chris has brought me up to speed to ChrisBOnTheWeb & and I have a bunch of updates I would like to make this morning so you guys know what is going on:

Facebook: Since the departure of our website admin which has turned everything into turmoil as Chris cannot post, neither can I or any of the team at this moment when Charlotte quit she unadmin'd herself from any of the pages on Facebook leaving the fan page crippled all together. Also Moderators which are Billy, Tiala, Jasmine and Chris S, cannot post as the page as a Moderator so the only person right now that can post is Boss Man Chris at this point. We apologize for the inconvience but please check Twitter and Instagram for details and I think reason Chris cannot make an editor or Moderator is cause of Chris's currently 30 day FB Ban. 

Website: I am on the chat now and you will see the name ChelsCBOTW on the chatroom from time to time. I think for the most part we are done with the build of the website and we are happen with it but Chris will be covering that tomorrow here on the blog. 

The CBOTW Show: Chris is working on re-working intros and outros for the merged episodes that we have now gained and we will be uploading to the audio only eventually soon as al l267 episodes are up then we will re upload the other 20 something odd episodes and then we will put our focus to the website feeds that you see on here that not all of them are active and live on the website yet and that is the reason why.

                  Those are the updates for today and I am happy to be aboard to help Chris out since he had to find another site admin and we will keep you guys updated on the Facebook situation and if he is able to make me an editor on the page that would be great but that is still pending but we will keep you up to date and if you see me post then that has been fixed but we'll see. Anyways I will see you around the CBOTW Community and I will be back on the blog next Monday!


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