Friday, March 26, 2021

When Am I Returning As The Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb?

              I know it has been a few weeks, close to 3 weeks I have been off from ChrisBOnTheWeb, nearly 3 weeks as of next Wednesday it will be exactly and the question we have been getting is when am I returning. I already have had my Site Admin mention it and I am Officially returning on Monday, April 12th, 2021 and to be honest I am excited to be returning back into the saddle of running the day to day with her help here on the website. It has been and will be a very long time coming for me to return and you might of noticed my picture went from Gray to color like in the Big Brother Game and my name has been moved back to the top of the list on the Team Page and we were testing it out and I am sure you guys got excited saying: "Chris is back, Chris is back!" well hate to say it not quite yet but we are indeed getting closer to my triumphed return to the team after a little over a month of being off from running things.

              I know you guys are saying it's cause of my Facebook ban and that is not it, I have been stressed with all the technical side of things has been a bit of a problem with the YouTube Channel and also drama and trolls have been bothering me the last while and I just needed to take some time off from running the day to day and it is going to be awesome to come back and run things once again and it has been long enough, I wanted to return sooner like first thing this Monday but I think I need to wait till the 12th that way I will be back on all aspects of the social medias and my stress should be mostly gone and I should be back to my old self. I hate taking long breaks from running the day to day but I am thankful my Site Admin, she can step in and run things when things get out of hand. I want to thank my team both CBOTW and The CBOTW Show for managing things while I am unable to post and keeping in touch with one another and this is what makes this team very, very unique and such a wonderful team to work with on a day to day basis! Until Tuesday, have a great weekend and I will speak to you guys next week!


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