Thursday, March 25, 2021

Matilda Movie Review (1996)

                 I know this movie is very old 25 years old now but I grew up with this movie as I was slowly at the end of my Elementary School by 5 years and I watched the movie again and wanted to give a full review on this movie as it is a light hearted and fun movie honestly. I like how Miss. Trunchbull is so sarcastic at time and the actress did really well on that role, she was fit for that role. I learned some thing with Amanda Thripp being thrown she had a line on and the pig tails were glued on which I loved the story of the behind the scenes as I found some of them on YouTube without realizing that they probably are on the DVD version of the movie to be honest! However I love this movie and Danny Devito always up to his best performance and the glued hat on his hat prank was just epic, I enjoyed every moment of that or the lotion he put on his head which Matilda (Mara Wilson) put Peroxide if I remember exactly and his hair turned blonde, haha! 

               So this movie gets 10/10 as I really enjoyed it and it may be old but still a classic movie and if you guys enjoyed this little blog review, I plan on doing more. One last thing I would like say I also saw the reunion I believe it was a 20 year anniversary and to see them do some of their lines was really cool. I didn't realize Mara is my age as I share the same birth year as her as it is cool. Either way I can watch this movie 100 times as it never gets old but at the most I watch it once a year at the most. That is my post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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