Thursday, March 25, 2021

My Sleep Is So Messed Up!

             The reason I was not posting up yesterday was because I was asleep same reason for Facebook and Twitter posts we were up half the night then sleeping majority of the day, sleep has become an issue for me especially and last night was the same thing I was up all or half the night hence I have been busy writing posts like crazy and that is good because that inspiration is back and yesterday I had absolutely no inspiration, nothing when it came to posts but that inspiration has come back and I seem to be back into a more of a smoother rhythm of things. I did not write tomorrow's post as I do need to do a weigh in tomorrow morning to see where my weight is and I think it's gone down as my shirts and pants seem a lot looser then usual so never know and I haven't been eating much since I've been sleeping most of the day and today I think it a new day for me even if I do indeed stay up all day and in bed after Tough as Nails. That would definitely be an ideal situation. However my physical and mental health comes first but since waking up at 11 pm I feel good and if I am silent on social's I have gone down for a few hour nap nothing else. 

              I do have to take care of myself even if I live in my studio 99.999% of the time during the BBCAN9 Season watching the live feeds non stop.  Don't worry moving forward I am going to make sure I sleep and get the work done and my goal for right now is to be in bed by 9 and up by 4 am EST like I was and if I can keep a rhythm like that going then I will be golden and it will help me with my mental health and the work too which mind you I probably could give you guys an update Friday if I am not ready for a weight loss update and honestly I do need to get back to those eventually but I could possibly wait another week and give you guys the Dino Thunder Update as I have been active with it recently and trying to get finished so I can start working on SPD so we can get back to recording in Late May, June and July on this series. Either way stay tuned for further updates!


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