Monday, March 22, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-22-2021]

            Another week has gone by and a ton of different updates and what has been going around the Community so without further ado here are this week's updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: There has been questions about why the Podcast still exists on the Audio ONLY Platforms and it will take him some time to get the Podcast removed off platforms and he already has removed the feed as of the other day when he was uploading episodes for The CBOTW Show. We have Officially moved Entertainment Man Podcast under "Archives" as it's been a week since the last episode went up and we've moved over that feed under "Archives."

Website: With the website as I said, we have moved a couple of things into Archives and we have actually created an The CBOTW Show Archives and there is a reason behind this and in time you will know exactly what he is up to soon enough. I mentioned Entertainment Man Podcast above obviously. Also Chatroom Lounge of ours. I know it's been quiet on there and we haven't had much activity but after the behavior last night and now our beloved Site Admin, Charlotte has become depressed and you guys had to misbehave and be rude to her. I'm sorry to be a little out of sort but cause of trolls I had to fill in for her on my supposedly day off. So from here on out, if you wanna chat, you will have to sign up with and/or login to the chat and moving forward we are not ever going to open the chatroom to guests ever again! We will require you to login from here on out, guests are no longer welcome due to the constantly trolling in our chat! 

The CBOTW Show: There is an announcement tomorrow or Tuesday I wanna make but cannot fit in and we're unsure if this change is permanent for the rest of the season or just temporary at this point for just this week, I do not know and we have to explore and figure this out.

              Finally, yes I gave our Site Admin the day off from the blog due to recent actions on our website and wish blogger had a way to ban an IP Address from the entire website but there is no way to do that and really do wish they had that tool on here. You guys had to put up with me today and always I will be back tomorrow with another post and please behave when commenting or using our chat. We do not wanna start taking away features due to abuse. Talk tomorrow,


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