Monday, July 24, 2023

A lot of Changes With ChrisBOnTheWeb!

           Changes continue to be made with ChrisBOnTheWeb. I have spoken about it on stream yesterday on Facebook. As you know I have announced yesterday that I am leaving Twitter after 3 days and now it is 2 days to go and I am officially leaving as of 6 pm EDT Wednesday this week. This means you can only find me on several platforms: Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Linkedin & of course the Discord Server which I am going to be really super active on there moving forward. 

            I think it is just for the best for me and my brand to leave the platform all together, just not finding the platform to what it use to be and plus the changes on how much we can Tweet throughout the day and now sending DM's is going to have a restriction too? Nah uh, no thank you. Also for the OG's who have been following me a long time, since the beginning, you may remember I was closing in on 4k in followers but that fell apart and lost just over 1000 followers the the span of the last 7 years. The platform is just going downhill and I feel like the growth is there and Facebook and Instagram has grown a lot so I rather focus on my time and energy on that platforms that is growing. A lot of you have supported my endeavour on this change and I will talk to you tomorrow and will be talking about my trip away with my parents. 


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