Saturday, July 22, 2023

Trying to resolve problems in the community...

                When I left the community was starting to fall apart again and I lost a members of the community and I understand my content isn't always for them. But also there has been a ton of drama in the community and coming home I knew I would have to get my hands dirty right away! I have a lot to do with the team to assure this never ever happens again.  First thing I need to did was getting rid of the group, was becoming too much really. First thing I did was update the team page, then the schedule page, then the Entertainment Man Podcast. Pages that have needed to be update are now updated now. I am going to be more firm and not unban anyone that we ban to not allow them back in the community as I have been too nice with giving too many chances to certain people. I keep saying yes to everyone and I need to learn to say NO sometimes.

         With the site now up to date, I can focus on getting more interactive with the community and today I will be streaming to both the Facebook and Instagram pages seeing if anyone pops up but excited to be doing updates maybe talk vacation wise. Then Sunday I am off for the day as the studio is closed for the day as it is now my normal day off. I need a break to play Minecraft or any of the video games I own. I actually worked a bit here and there the past 2 days with breaks for video games as I am easing myself back into the hardcore work I need to get done. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all on Sunday, have a great rest of your weekend.



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