Friday, June 4, 2021

Content This Weekend!

                This weekend will be a busy weekend for me and especially today. I have tried to get SPD done and been working between Entertainment Man Podcast, SPD (Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast) and editing videos and editing the podcast itself it will be a busy, busy weekend. I have a bit of a schedule but would like to apologize for the amount of Social Media Posts but you guys seem to really love the daily pics and going down memory lane with me. Anyways here is the timetable for this weekend and I promise you it will not be overboard: 

Saturday- 1 pm EST: Since it is the normal video day which is on a Saturday, I will be posting up a Behind The Scenes look of the day getting prepared for the Podcast and during the podcast while we record the podcast. I will have the studio cams running during the podcast on and off during the recording.

Sunday- 11 am EST: I have a tour of the studio as I have made some changes to the studio and I am sure there is some changes  that I want to announce in the studio in the next week or so but either way ton of content on it's way in the coming weeks!

                 1 pm EST: Pictures will go up on social media throughout the day, including pictures of the actual notes. More then likely I will post em all up at once and promise to not over do the pictures as I do not want to overdo it. 

             This will conclude the anniversary and anything Collab wise, you will not hear anything for the next few weeks podcast wise as I will be preparing for the next podcast towards the end of this month. Only thing you will hear from me is when this podcast goes up and of course Entertainment Man Podcast which an update is coming on the final week before the week of recording. Anyways have a great weekend, enjoy the content and I will speak to you all on Monday! 


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