Thursday, June 3, 2021

Today Is The Day! Power Rangers Collab Podcast 3 Year Anniversary!

                Today marks 3 years of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast started! Yes I am recording the podcast today, more like tonight with Larry and yes this is 2 weeks apart from the last podcast and him and I recorded. Am I excited for recording this special episode? Of course! We never once celebrated our anniversary of the podcast nor even once mentioned over the course of the last 3 years and this is the first time we actually acknowledged an anniversary and it was our own fault as we got too carried away with enjoying recording the episodes and the fact this is the 3 year mark for us is sort of special to us honestly. 3 Years is a long time, well not a long time but a good amount of time with this project. To be honest finding this project still a ton of fun regardless and I thought I'd been burned out with this but no, still loving watching this and really this given me the opportunities to see other seasons and at this point, I haven't seen the seasons in full minus a couple of the team ups like in Megaforce and Ninja Steel "Dimensions In Danger" the team up in Operation Overdrive. However full seasons not yet but least I am aware of the team ups. 

                It is funny that both Larry and I chose this day to start Power Rangers Collab which at one point was part of The CBOTW Show which didn't even last more then a year. Also this was the day that The Entertainment Man Talk Show filmed the Season 6 and Series Finale. No clue what the heck we picked that day and perhaps we will never know why we picked this day in general. Maybe we just did not realize this was the day we were up at the railway yard filming and/or we have just moved on from that series and just totally forgotten about that but it is worth mentioning on the podcast to be honest. I thought I'd mention this and might mention it tonight but you never know with me, however I may just forget about it but hopefully will remember this little fun fact. Either way I am excited for the anniversary and will let you all know when we're putting it up on social media as always. 


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