Monday, June 7, 2021

I Wanna Make This Clear....

              I wanna make this clear, I am not going to put up with anymore drama. If I have to block, I will. I have endure so much in the last week, I am going to put my foot down now. I have been too lenient over the course of the years and I think I need to do what is best for me in the end to make sure I'm happy and that I am smiling and staying positive. Maybe the saying is right? Change is good! I know we lost a bunch of members on the Facebook group and I am sure we will bounce back, always do as today the fan page is gonzo, done, finished as I will be deleting it since I managed to get it back thanks to the help of Facebook Support helped me out with this. The primary focus will be the group nothing else. I have been so stressed out lately but things are going to be changing for the greater good. I am going to start thinking positive moving forward and not going to let anyone drag me down whatsoever. 

             This is the start of the new Chris and nobody is going to bring me down. Going to continue on with Power Rangers Collab and Entertainment Man Podcast, because I have made some good strides with this. I am constantly working on things to ensure content is going out and I know yesterday there was no extra video. I am sorry about that, I am getting the last piece of the puzzle to the entire thing so it is coming this weekend for am update on the studio itself what things I've changed within the studio. I cannot wait to show you. Anyways, I just wanna make it clear, I am not going to put up with this drama no more, I am all about positivity and being happier moving forward! Until tomorrow have a great rest of your day!


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