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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Has A Reddit and!

              That's right, ChrisBOnTheWeb is on Reddit now! Myself and Savannah have worked hard to getting it ready over the weekend and we have a ChrisBOnTheWeb Community by clicking that word that is hyperlinked or We are excited to have this community and effected as of this post going up the link to the right hand side that's been there a few days will be activated and I am sure there will be an announcement at 12 pm or 1 pm EST promoting the link but this is the first promotion of the link and the start of promoting the reddit. This is definitely a new beginning for ChrisBOnTheWeb and there is still more surprises both in this post and later onthat I am going to be releasing to you guys. Got a bunch of stuff to release to you guys on some additional things that is going to be coming out.

             Also I have created a with all the basic links that you guys need and that is going to be released this afternoon at 1 pm EST and will have all the links that you guys need, from the website itself, main podcast feeds to the social media, the reddit as I mentioned it will be all there and probably the pinned Tweet and post on social media for a very, very long time as I do not plan on unpinning it anytime soon so you guys can go to that if case you need to know where links are via social media prior to the blogs and podcasts post that go up on a regular basis. I will leave it at that. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, June 4, 2021

Content This Weekend!

                This weekend will be a busy weekend for me and especially today. I have tried to get SPD done and been working between Entertainment Man Podcast, SPD (Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast) and editing videos and editing the podcast itself it will be a busy, busy weekend. I have a bit of a schedule but would like to apologize for the amount of Social Media Posts but you guys seem to really love the daily pics and going down memory lane with me. Anyways here is the timetable for this weekend and I promise you it will not be overboard: 

Saturday- 1 pm EST: Since it is the normal video day which is on a Saturday, I will be posting up a Behind The Scenes look of the day getting prepared for the Podcast and during the podcast while we record the podcast. I will have the studio cams running during the podcast on and off during the recording.

Sunday- 11 am EST: I have a tour of the studio as I have made some changes to the studio and I am sure there is some changes  that I want to announce in the studio in the next week or so but either way ton of content on it's way in the coming weeks!

                 1 pm EST: Pictures will go up on social media throughout the day, including pictures of the actual notes. More then likely I will post em all up at once and promise to not over do the pictures as I do not want to overdo it. 

             This will conclude the anniversary and anything Collab wise, you will not hear anything for the next few weeks podcast wise as I will be preparing for the next podcast towards the end of this month. Only thing you will hear from me is when this podcast goes up and of course Entertainment Man Podcast which an update is coming on the final week before the week of recording. Anyways have a great weekend, enjoy the content and I will speak to you all on Monday! 


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekly Update For 10-25-2020

          Here is the weekly update for the last October and yes I cannot believe it is the end of the month already and I am only a month away till I my birthday and yeah I am excited for my birthday actually. Anyways this will be more of a quick update for you guys as there isn't much to update you guys on technically. Here are the updates:

Website/Social Media: As you know I have rebranded the website with the banner redone and also as well the Social Media as well. one thing I probably did forgot to mention that the "About" Section I re-did my entire history as a "Content Creator" and it is what I am. I'm an individual who creates content.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I will be back to recording episodes of the podcast this week despite and more then likely will be on Friday this week so I can focus on the collab this week which is a really need to focus on this collab as the end of the week getting it done when I was suppose to technically.

Power Rangers Collaboration: So an update with this collab as I said above I have had a hard time getting this finished up finally so I can start working on but today I am working on it throughout today tomorrow and hopefully finished by Thursday. I tried scheduling myself to getting a ton done and I made the wrong move. I can have a goal but in the back of my mind. I am currently at the 15th episode of the season and 1/4th of the way done.

               There is the updates for the week and this will be a definite busy week for me to getting things done and hoping by next week to actually get the next collab underway for December and catch up. I haven't been focused to actually get it done and it is my own fault. I need to refocus and that is what I am doing today. However been getting other things like the final stages of the rebrand and with that complete I can actually work on it. I will talk more about it tomorrow's post how I have felt distant from the CBOTW Brand recently and the fact I felt sped creating content for you guys but that is for tomorrow's post. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you guys in tomorrow's post.