Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Will be clipping from the episodes when I get back!

               When I get back I will starting to post up clips again on YouTube and Tiktok mostly and yes I have my podcast on Tiktok now and has become a thing with my podcast now so it will be on that platform as well. I may at some point post it to Instagram from time to time but I highly doubt it actually. Social Media will be for updates mostly but making the effort to clip episodes and yes I will be trying out YouTube Shorts but I didn't like the fact I got dislikes for something that's clipped from my episodes I put out there and I always linked but at this point I don't care about the likes and dislikes really.

               So Shorts and TikTok's will be posted weekly unless I have more then one clip but in retrospective it will be a weekly basis. I noticed I got subscribers from the shorts on YouTube I know that for a fact so it did help. I wanna up my shorts and clips moving forward to improve things on there. I will let you guys know when I plan on uploading things and they will be all new posts but that is the post for today, "scheduled" posts will start going up while I'm away so I will talk to you all when I get back, enjoy the content I have set, remember the episodes of the podcast will not be going up on this website for right now. However have a great next week and a half and talk to you all soon! 


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