Monday, February 7, 2022

Learning To Travel Again During This Pandemic

                 It was one of my worst fears after being locked down for a year and unable to see friends and what not till August 2021 of last year. Being able to travel in my region again and I have made it clear that I am not planning to travel out of the region especially right now with this pandemic new variant it is not worth trying to get sick. That isn't the point but at some point of time I will have to go back into Toronto and yes that is a very huge step for me and it almost happened last year too as my dad and I had plans to actually go to the Toronto Christmas Market but I heard some kind of rumors they shut it down cause of the rise in cases. However I am currently happy traveling in the region and the region only for now and I have really gotten around during this pandemic. I have even travelled on my own while cases been high but not too far but recently made a trip to the mall twice and the post office once which I need to make 2 more visits, one today which I am more then likely out by the time this is now out for you guys. 

                 It does take courage but not only that but it is how I am feeling and Eric has really put me out of my comfort zone but that's OK honestly. I had to start learning how to travel again, get use to being out and about. Plus not travelling the bus has changed so much as now the paper bus pass is not a thing no more. That has been abolished? I dunno if that is right word. Let's just say they took away the paper passes here and we have a system called Presto and now I got two options for a bus pass one is $45.50 and the other is $46 bucks one which I get the second one. I know I haven't travelled much during January but this month I have been on the bus a tad bit more then usual which is great to be honest and I need to go out for more bus rides and it is a very safe method of travel as I take the more less busy buses but I only go out if I really need to but I think a bus ride once a week would definitely do me some good. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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