Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! (Christmas 2020)

             I just wanted to write a short message to wish you all an Merry Christmas and hope you all make the best of this holiday, despite the circumstances this year with the pandemic. Please do stay home, stay safe, follow all the restrictions that you are under. Breaking the rules just to see family is definitely not worth it honestly, there is a thing called Zoom Call or Skype or Discord or even Facebook Video call or even better yet, FaceTime which I use quite often during this pandemic with friends as I am staying in touch. Even a phone call you can also do, there are tons of ways you can talk to your love ones during this pandemic. Anyways I am rambling on right now and I wanna say is stay safe, stay home, wash your hands thoroughly and just enjoy Christmas with the family in the immediate household and there will be a time you will your loved ones just have to be patient as we are just coming out with the vaccine for this entire thing. I am still having dinner with my parents since I still live with them and thankful to be with them still and taking care of them and helping. Either way please do enjoy your Christmas, make the best of it and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow and apologies for a very short and sweet post but I promise you guys it will be longer down the road as I am trying to do this in a few short hours so you guys got some kind of post coming out.


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