Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Sims 4 Got Corrupted.... Wonder Why With The Shenigans I Have Done In Game!

               Well R.I.P. Sims 4 Game of mine, game officially stopped working and maybe I went way overboard with the craziness and stupid things I did with the sims whether they were outside while a thunderstorm happened and they got electrocuted or the house went up on flames I can see why the game randomly got corrupted, I corrupted my poor sims and abused them way too much that the game just completely stopped working. I uninstalled the game and re installed and I haven't been in the game as of yet and I am afraid to try and load it up see if a fresh reboot but if I have to actually erase the file from App Data which erases all the houses I built and all the Sims files would be completely erased which means I would have to start from scratch but maybe that is something I need to do and it might fix the issue. However I got some free content and I bought another additional to the list which I do not remember which one I got as I have a lot of extra content and expansions to the Sims 4. However this one only costed me $6.99 which was on sale due to Christmas.


                Either way I will keep you guys in the loop on things when I start to play the game and anything that has changed and whether I actually have  to rebuild my files from scratch again and if I do I may just re-create the Sims 4 Big Brother House and start playing the game again. I actually enjoyed watching them get under each others nails and fighting and arguing and overall drama happened. Was very entertaining for me to watch and sometimes I didn't have to press anything just follow em around and see their interactions and that one time everyone died cause the stairs to the lower half of the house was missing was the most weirdest thing that I have ever seen. I hope to have an update just after Christmas as I plan to play over my time off from things and hope to have some kind of updates on the game as I have OFFICIALLY quit playing PGATour2k21 due to them resetting my character all together and messing up my current career.


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