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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sick Of Being Isolated and Stuck At Home!

             I am just tired of this pandemic. It has affected me physically and also mentally but mostly mentally. It has been an mental game for me in the last year and I am just tired 24-7, my sleep is so screwed up to be honest. I am up most of the night then sleeping till the afternoon at times which really screwed up for my sleep to be honest. There is nights that I am up all night and sleep and I've ended up banned 3 times since the lockdown and honestly I am done with Facebook and about to delete my account entirely as a whole and just stick to Twitter and Instagram. However back to being stuck at home, really got nothing to do either then work itself for this website or video games or card or board games but to be honest, it gets boring after a little while and the same routine day in and day out. Yeah I can go for walks and once and a blue moon make a trip to Walmart but I do not do it too often and some other days I find myself stuck at home and bored out of my mind. I also find myself napping for 3 - 4 hours at a time which really does mess up my entire sleep schedule.

              I need to get it fixed and fast and I probably be a lot happier person to be honest. This pandemic has made me fat again and I've gained weight and I haven't been overly active and I try to walk but no matter what I do I seem I am just a fat loser now at this point. I really am just sick and tired of this pandemic and wish it'd get back to a new normal at this moment. It has been frustration after frustration and I ready to be able to go back out and see friends and have Larry and Eric back here again but that isn't happening as the damn cases in Ontario have gone up once again it just grrrrrrrr so frustration to be honest. That is my little rant blog for today and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's blog post.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Autism and How I Am Dealing With This Pandemic!

           I know the past year, well almost the past year as we are inching closer to the 1 year mark of this pandemic. I wanna make a reflection and how I have dealt with this pandemic. As most of you know by now, I have Autism and have had it since I was around 7 or 8 years of age and you guys know my story as you can simple read which is nearly 4 years ago I wrote this but it is a very good read if you guys are indeed interested in that. I have noticed my dynamics and daily routine has been off and there are night like last night for example, where I was up quite late then usual. Somedays I eat normal, others I eat a little bit more some days not as much. I hardly go out for walks much especially now with the colder weather here but I try. My work habits sometimes are good and some days not as much, but one way or another I seem to get the job and the recent days I proved to show that I can get the job done. When there are days I don't wanna work or work not as much then I know that is when I can play video games or card games with my parents and I have done that in the past and I know when my body had enough and last night was definitely a show of my will power that I wanna get things done and done in a timely fashion.

           In this point of being in the pandemic I kind of go by how I am feeling. I know it is tough for all of us and there has been points of my mental health has flared up but the most part I have shown patience most of the time but like I said I have my moments and that's honestly ok to have those moments. I just try and think about the positive things I can look forward to after this is all done and honestly cases have gone down here in Ontario, it helps me knowing it's gone down a bit. I know my parents and friends and team are giving me that distraction during this, especially Eric, Larry, Jasmine, my neighbor who I've spoken to over Skype, Discord or even FaceTime. Also talking to my neighbors outside from a distance and even talking to my Grandma every couple of days when I get a moment. I have my strategies and it seems to help me out and I gotta remember to use those strategies. I also wanna point out I have started to watch seasons of Survivor I haven't seen yet, watching Home Improvement again, Monk, Supergirl, seasons 4 and 5 which I gotta do a review for soon. Either way I find something to do regardless during this pandemic.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Plans After This Pandemic?

              The plans moving forward after this pandemic well I am not planning too far ahead as right now, we are in currently in lockdown and I am not even thinking about this and this has been requested yet this is why I am making my post. I'm sorry, I just cannot think clearly right now, processing things right now and I know I sound annoyed and I assure you I am not, just frustrated with the fact that I am stuck in this damn lockdown in the house not able to go far minus the corner store here and there and this pandemic has really taken a toll on me mentally especially sleep wise. Anyways I am off topic right now the one big thing I look forward is seeing my friends and family again and able to see them physically in person again and this is why I have started to show my frustration on here and I just cannot bottle it in and I know it isn't easy to write this post. Anyways, off topic once again, the next thing I am looking forward to is being able to record with Larry and my alum in this studio again as it has been awful quiet around here not being able to have them in the studio to actually record and maybe it's one of the reasons for the Collaboration Podcast going on hiatus? Yes I put a question mark as I am not sure really but I am trying to be optimistic to having him back in studio physically soon but we will see how things go with this vaccine this upcoming year.


                So really I have 2 big plans to see friends and have my Co-Host over but again like I have been rambling on in this posts I am not thinking too far ahead right now till we are out of  this lockdown and down to Red or even the yellow level once again but that will come in time right now I am focusing on now and what is happening but I plan on not rushing myself after this pandemic is over because we do not know how much longer this pandemic will be lasting and we do not know know how long it will take for the vaccine to be distributed.  So I just do not wanna promise or make plans because soon as things hopefully get back to normal, first thing I have to figure out is my bus situation as right now, I got no regular bus service but more about that in the New Year as that is a post alone itself but I am planning on actually taking my time with going out once this is over.