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Friday, September 9, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-09-2022]

              It is the end of another week and time for another end of the week updates. This is another week of not as many updates at the moment as it is just me working on content and adding in some things to the website which is probably boring to you guys but here is what is going on.

Team Wise: Alexandra has returned after a bit of a hiatus from the team for personal reasons and has taken over as Community Manager for the long run.

Website: Alexandra, my Community Manager does have access to the website blog in case I need to step away so this way we can keep the blog rolling regardless of me available or not things keep on rolling. Also Power Rangers Collab has been moved back to active drop down menu once again. So archives has been updated as well as the team page has been updated. Chat was removed as it is now not a permanent fixture to CBOTW and maybe one day CBOTW will have it's own Discord Server perhaps? Never know!

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: As you know the news sprung that Larry will be returning to the studio after uncertainty with after having COVID, but we are indeed returning to in studio and I continue to monitor the cases and if we feel uncomfortable we can always do Skype. I have his information on his envelopes in case as I cannot be too sure from a day to day basis.

                 Those are the minor changes and I will continue to work on content and improving the website on a regular basis. Anyways those are the updates for you guys, hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always, I will talk to you all on Monday for another blog post.


Friday, September 2, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-02-2022]

             Another week has gone by and there isn't much in updates this week. However just a couple of things that I will highlight what is going on:

Team Wise: I welcome back Jeff as my Community Manager to help with questions on the Facebook page as he will be mainly focused on the Facebook community as we continue on to grow in that community. Also with the departure of my Assistant and Website Admin, Arianna is now my Assistant and is more behind the scenes but from time to time you will see her in the chat on YouTube but mostly is behind the scenes.

Power Rangers Collab: Currently working on another season and I am not talking a ton about it still as it is up in the air what is going on after being sick with COVID and I'm currently staying on the down-low, meaning not saying much when it comes to the collab. I mean yeah I will occasionally post up pictures of the notes but that's all. It will keep you guys on wondering what on earth is going on with the collab and as I said we hope to know more information soon what is happening. Best to wait till I talk to my colleague about everything the last while.

             Anyways that is the post, it is a short post for this week and honestly feeling a bit frustrated right now not getting things done a but faster as that motivation has been lacklustre and I wanna talk about it next week as I need time to try and get the work done so I can continue to stride to recording day and getting this collab back on it's feet again. Anyways have a great weekend and talk to you all Monday!


Friday, January 21, 2022

End of The Week Update [01-21-2022]

                 Another week has passed by and now it is once again time for another end of the week updates. Now there isn't too much that has changed, Team Updates, Website stuff and Power Rangers Collab and that's about it but here are the updates for the week:

Team Updates: Now I do not have a site admin and I am now doing the site updates on my own and enjoying every moment of it actually and decided to not hire anyone new at this moment of time as I think I can handle it on my own. Also for those who are on the Facebook community group, you probably have met 2 of my newest Moderators, Amy and Jeff both old friends of mine and know how I tick I guess lol. 

Website: Since I do the site on my own, the On Demand has changed to no video now due to the player lagging like no tomorrow so the On Demand consists of the YouTube channel and now the Podcast Archives which use to be on the Podcasts tab but makes room for other collabs which I have several in mind which I will talk about next week on a post. Also team page and about ChrisBOnTheWeb has been updated with the current bios and information for you guys and if there is something off please do contact me.

Power Rangers Collab: This will be the last update for about a month till I give out another update on the collab and the simple update is I have all current podcasts edited and/or ready or has been posted up on There is one more episode coming out Monday @ 1 pm EST for you guys and will be the last episode for a at least a month to month and a half so there will be no more updates. 

                However the end of the week updates may be a tad bit dull but I will do my best to make it enjoyable to read but there is so many moving parts to what is going on behind the scenes right now and ideas are flying out of my head and excited to what is to come and you guys just gotta wait and see what is in the plans. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you guys Monday as it will be a busy week ahead of me I'm sure.