Friday, September 2, 2022

End of The Week Updates [09-02-2022]

             Another week has gone by and there isn't much in updates this week. However just a couple of things that I will highlight what is going on:

Team Wise: I welcome back Jeff as my Community Manager to help with questions on the Facebook page as he will be mainly focused on the Facebook community as we continue on to grow in that community. Also with the departure of my Assistant and Website Admin, Arianna is now my Assistant and is more behind the scenes but from time to time you will see her in the chat on YouTube but mostly is behind the scenes.

Power Rangers Collab: Currently working on another season and I am not talking a ton about it still as it is up in the air what is going on after being sick with COVID and I'm currently staying on the down-low, meaning not saying much when it comes to the collab. I mean yeah I will occasionally post up pictures of the notes but that's all. It will keep you guys on wondering what on earth is going on with the collab and as I said we hope to know more information soon what is happening. Best to wait till I talk to my colleague about everything the last while.

             Anyways that is the post, it is a short post for this week and honestly feeling a bit frustrated right now not getting things done a but faster as that motivation has been lacklustre and I wanna talk about it next week as I need time to try and get the work done so I can continue to stride to recording day and getting this collab back on it's feet again. Anyways have a great weekend and talk to you all Monday!


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