Monday, September 5, 2022

Changes To The "Schedule" Page

            If you guys have been recently on the "Schedule" page here on the website, you have probably noticed the merge of the collabs as I have now put the two seasons together as I am probably will expect Larry still wants to come over despite. I was a little out of line with him but I do not know what happened till he gets back online and it could be this week, it could be next week, who knows. So for right now I have just put the two seasons that co-aside with one another so I can considering the schedule isn't changing till I know further so I will be sure to let you all know on the changes with that project if anything changes this week or the coming weeks cause I am sure he's going to wonder why I was going off at him
sounding frantic. 

            Now also you will notice if you scroll all the way down that The Royal Winter Fair has been removed. Now I will be going to the Royal Winter Fair as far as I know but just for the fun of it if I decide to go as cases have gone up. You guys are probably wondering why it was removed and that is cause I was too late to booking my media and cases have gone up and worried it 'll be cancelled all together cause of the rise of cases but I am still planning on going to the Christmas Market as it is outside.                                       Anyways that is the post for today, I hope you all enjoyed this post as I am just really, really unsure if I wanna go to The Royal Winter Fair as cases have gone up and just worried cause I already been sick once and I just do not wanna get sick again. We'll see but I will keep you guys up to date on that as we continue to get closer to it and I will talk to you all tomorrow!   Chris

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