Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Organizing Myself With My Work!

               I know the workload hasn't been all done or been completely done but something always comes up and that's really OK.  I know the collab has a high priority and I am now back at it between recording the weekly podcast and I am aiming to finish up watching hopefully by the time you guys see this, I am now typing the next collab notes up for the next one. I really gotta make a stride in those but this isn't a post about the collaboration podcast this is more about  myself organizing myself. However, prioritizing yourself to what actually comes first and having a list is very important, especially now for me on a very big grind on one of the projects that I have been working on and you all know which one I mean as I mentioned it on here. I know everything has to be done and it will be eventually. Just gotta take those small steps to completing it all. 

              It takes time to get it done and somethings take longer then normal and that is perfectly OK really. Sometimes you need to switch between your priority list perhaps and that's OK. One thing comes up you deal with that and then go back to your main project you are working on and exactly what I have been doing. I am really good at weaving between projects so I am most definitely use to the switch around on projects. I am a very organized person normally but right now my world is pretty much flipped upside down and inside out with all this collaboration podcast work that is going on here in the studio and on top of that working on episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast in the process. I should just hand the reigns and let Larry be the Executive Producer for once. He truly has earned that title honestly. However a post for tomorrow. I write everything down but not only that but I also add it to my sticky notes on my computer too so I can actually remember what I need to get done and in a timely fashion and trust me I do. Anyways that will do it for the blog today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow!




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