Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Have I Thought of Making Larry, Executive Producer?

                 Have I ever thought about making Larry an Executive Producer of his and I's little collaboration podcasts? Yes I have but why haven't I as he's been with me for just over 4 years now with our current collab, Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast? Well I think he is very happy as Senior Producer/Co-Host role right now. I think he is very content with his position on the project especially now with it heading into 2023 in the coming months as this year is soon to wrap up and we've made some big headway with the project getting episodes out quickly. Also the fact he's not asked for a promotion of any kind means he is happy as a clam with where he's at and to be honest, he's come up to me with great ideas and the discussions with him that you guys do not even know that happens behind the scenes.It's quite interesting some of these convos that we both have on a regular basis. 

                 I know he deserves a lot of recognition for the work he puts into the episodes you guys hear and not only that coming up with ideas with Season 30 of Power Rangers supposedly being the last post and I will talk more about that tomorrow as it will be about the new season. What I am trying to say we have ideas going beyond Power Rangers that we wanna do from time to time.This is why he deserves the recognition as again he works hard even tho I do all the prep work, he makes sure I stay in line especially recently with threatening to stop working on the project but again "CONTRACT!" Sorry I had to say it, we're under contract at this moment, so there is no backing out.  Larry's been there through the thick and thin of things, the tech issues when COVID started and we had to move to Skype which I will be talking about end of the week as I am ready to make a decision that isn't easy for me or him. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!




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