Friday, November 26, 2021

End of The Week Updates [11-26-2022]

                   It is the end of the week and still all over the place with things but here are the updates for this week, November 26th, 2021:

Website: Chat was permanently removed off the website as it was never once used whatsoever and it is now gone forever. It will never return on the website in the nearby future. It was a waste of our time having it there that wasn't used. Also archives went back to the single page with clickable posters of the projects that were running before they went off the air.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I should be done with the main notes the 25 episodes for next year and all I need to do is have some back up ideas ready to go in case of no interviews one of the weeks. When I finish up the notes I will record Entertainment Man Podcast for Sunday to ensure I am ready to go for Sunday. 

Power Rangers Podcast: I will be starting RPM today while I edit the podcast and prep it for post up this weekend to ensure I stay on track cause the week before we record I have to have it sent out to Larry so we can record but if anything happens then we can and will push to January. Also will start editing the collabs already done while watching RPM to get them up in a week or so as I've been holding off on them.

                  So much happening so fast and the furious as I gotta finish up the podcasts and prepare for 2022. No room to rest right now but working hard and fast to ensure I get it done and on time. I am not going to take any break and little over a week and a half I should be good to go either way. That is my update and I wrote these fast and remember another post is coming at 2 pm EST since I didn't blog yesterday so please be on the lookout for that.


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