Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Power Rangers Collab Podcast Moving Forward!

                I know there is a ton of questions moving forward and today I am going to talk about it since it has been sort of discussed with my Co-Host in person end of last week: Power Rangers Collab right now have 5 podcasts remaining for 2022 and the normal 6 for next year but here is the schedule:


May 2022: Power Rangers: Super Samurai 

June/July 2022: Power Rangers 4th Anniversary

                   Power Rangers: Megaforce

                   Power Rangers: Super Megaforce

October 2022: Power Rangers: Dino Charge

                        Power Rangers: Super Dino Charge


February 2023: Power Rangers: Ninja Steel

                         Power Rangers: Super Ninja

June 2023: Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

                   Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Season 2

October 2023: Power Rangers: Dino Fury

                        Power Rangers: Dino Fury Season 2

               That takes us to 2024 and unknown what is next and when we will be recording and talking about Season 30 the last season of Power Rangers so we have the rest of this year and 2023 for a full year and a half left before we start to slow down. We will be doing a state of the Podcast in 2024 once we are finished with Season 30 and what's next for us. Anyways that is the update as that is as much as Larry and I can give you guys for now but we will keep you guys up to date on things.


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