Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Gaming Updates [05-04-2022]

                This update is basically all Minecraft related as I have been playing on the server I own with my niece and nephew as they have a big impact on that server. Anyways you guys have been getting constant updates what we have or I have been doing on the server. The first update is I built a elevator but not happy with it tho as most of you know you there is a sky base above that and just flying up was plan dumb. The goal is to fix that elevator shaft and expand the pod on top so there is more room for us but can be a project for my niece and nephew and I to do together.

            As you know there was a villager built which is now behind there and you can sort of see the building partially. Now that the Village is on it's own property or its own dedicated section. Anyways it was time to go out with the old and in with the new. The house was way too big for my liking so I am building myself a bit of a nice mansion that's perfect for me. I have to remember tne hole in the ground that takes you to the underground stairwell to the caves that has a ton of different taverns in there. Not sure how that will be incorporated into the new house or building aka my living quarters that I will have in there but we'll see how things go. Anyways that is the updates, I will update you guys maybe next week or the week after on this and what my next move is on this plan of attack and if I will shift the stairs or not but will know more when that last house is torn down right down to the dirt again then we start thinking the next step. Just another long process of taking a very huge building down and letting the grass regrow back. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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