Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Past 2 Weeks With ChrisBOnTheWeb Has Been Tough

                 I have a very rough last 2 weeks with ChrisBOnTheWeb where I've just given up on it. Alas I am still around and still creating regardless how I feel. I know I have felt like I've just lost the will to continue on with this website but still trecking along with content. This week got a bunch of interviews and regular podcasts written notes so I have em ready to go followed by working on Power Rangers Collab which I am currently working on Super Samurai at the moment and hopefully get it sent out to Larry a week tomorrow so he has em so we can record on last podcast via Skype before his return to the studio in June. Anyways off topic as usual but that is what I have been up to since and just trying to catch up especially on the collaboration as time is a ticking and I wanna stay on schedule so we will be ready for Dino Charge this fall. 

                 Not letting my mental health, depression or anyone drag me down all together. I started to smile back on Monday and been in a better mood. I've let certain people drag me right down to a point I've wanted out of ChrisBOnTheWeb. I've wanted out of CBOTW for 2 years now but seem to not have the courage to give up. To be quite honest, I am glad I have never quit. What would I have done with my extra time when it came to my day to day. What would I have done with the money that I have earned as I wouldnt get the full amount as I didn't hit the threshold of 100 bucks. Either way I am constantly fighting through all the issues and started to smile more and get more work done. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the final blog of the week which is the end of the week updates.


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