Friday, October 1, 2021

End of The Week Updates [10-01-2021]

                   What a wild week, full of drama once again, which I will not put up with anymore. Anyways there has been technical issues as well and I will get right into that and also how Power Rangers Collab sort of went on a brief hiatus earlier in the week and that is going to be all in this post today, so without further ado here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: There has been a bunch of technical issues with the podcast one of them the listens not showing up showing 0 to 3 listens which now has been rectified and is fine now and really impressed on the listens honestly. I've worked so hard on this. Other issue is Stitcher which has a looping issue and I already sent an email and have been ignored about it and if it is not fixed soon, I will be pulling the podcast from Stitcher as of Tuesday morning so they have till Monday and I will be sent a second email. 

Website: Despite all the technical issues this week with podcasts the website has continued to strive with the viewership and it continues to surprise me and all is well when it comes to

Power Rangers Collab: The collab has been wavering on and off all week long but I ensure you guys that I have gone back into working on episodes and aiming for October 21st, 2021 when the next recording date is for the Collab followed by November 4th, 2021. Also I will be working right off the bat on RPM when I finish Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury so I will be getting to work right off the bat so we can get moving into the next phase which is doing new episodes in 2022. 

                   So much is happening in such a short period of time with the collab and Entertainment Man Podcast and I got no time to rest or relax as there's work to be done and I am sure just before I start working on Samurai and Super Samurai I will take a brief break but also notes for 2022 for Entertainment Man Podcast as I have yet announced anything officially as I have once again gone "radio silent" on it since the problems and an original post for 2022 was indeed scrapped all together. There will be a time and place where I will talk about 2022 but right now I need to focus on wrapping up some of the loose ends with other projects this year before I can really deep dive into planning 2022 and there are things I know that you guys do not even know about yet.  However you guys will find out soon enough! Till Monday, have a great weekend everyone! 


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