Thursday, September 30, 2021

Power Rangers Collab 2022 and Beyond!

                   I couldn't sleep Tuesday night and I was lying in bed and did some research and just found out that Power Rangers Dino Fury is going to be doing a second season which will be Season 29 of the series. So we will be continuing on to catch up and hopefully by February of 2023 we are caught right up and we are going to continue on and I am not surprised, however I heard they were finished with seasons but something must of happened between now and the last few months so a lot must of happened in the recent months so I am happy with the news that Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is going to continue and it seems it will be an endless run with that podcast but this is why we already got a plan ready for moving into when and if it ends eventually. 

                    I also found out their in talks for their 30th season and I hope they do something interesting when it comes to that. We will have have to wait and see but Larry hasn't been on this week and just wait till he gets my messages about the future of the series, he will most definitely surprised and excited that we continue on this journey and any plans for other collabs will be put to the side right now while we continue on with this series and there will be a time and place where we run out of ideas all together I am sure.  Even if we have to wait for a new season we have the one offs to run with at the time and this is why Larry and I plan ahead in case for situations like this to happen. Anyways you will be seeing more from Larry and I in the very nearby future and we're excited for the future of Power Rangers Collab.


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