Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Experiencing Growing Pains Again With ChrisBOnTheWeb

                 It is not exactly that's experiencing the growing pains, well yes it's growing the site has experienced a ton of growth but this time I am talking about Entertainment Man Podcast. As you know with the views growing on the podcast has equaled a bunch of issues and it is definitely some growing pains that I am experiencing once again. It is what it is and I just gotta tackle one thing at a time when it comes to these technical issues and luckily it has nothing to do with the recording, I think it's platforms cannot handle my crazy personality... LOL... Guess that is what happens when something you love doing continuously grows well you know what hits the fan and that's OK. That is why there is support emails to get help when something like this goes wrong like it has this week. 

                   I guess this is a bit of an update because what I am saying is the listens popped back up but the crazy stupid loop issue last I checked it was still looping at the end which it ain't me as other platforms are fine and the hard copy which I physically checked on my computer was just fine all together. So definitely is a Stitcher. It is nice I am keeping you guys in the loop and when I said I wasn't going to promote it, I meant it. That is me refusing to promote the platform cause I do not need YOU guys to listen to a dumb loop at the end. I thought about actually recording it to show you guys one day what happened but thought however decided to not do it. I have supported Stitcher for nearly 5 years now and haven't had an issue with them since the earlier years which is now behind me. However I plan on promoting Player FM instead at this moment and starting this weekend I will be promoting it and already started changing the links around ahead of schedule and yes I checked the links. 


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