Tuesday, September 28, 2021

My Favorite Adam Sandler Movies

                I haven't talked about this before and I think it is the right time with everything going on with things around my community and the drama this is a light hearted fun post to do. Anyways today's post, I am going to talk about my top 5 Adam Sandler movies so here it is:

5.  Click- I haven't seen the movie till up to this year when I wanted to see it and there are funny moments but there is also serious moments in the movie so it is between. One moment I remember is Terry Crews who is the host of AGT aka America's Got Talent. 

4. Mr. Deeds- Another personal favorite and I noticed in some of the movies I have listed they all have the same actors which is nothing wrong with that to be honest. 

3. Big Daddy- Another great movie and him randomly cursing in McDonalds was funny. There was a ton of favorite moments and also a bunch of heartfelt moments in the movie as well and one of the reasons it made # 2 on my list. Also note I realize the actress who plays Layla also played Virginia Bennett in Happy Gilmore with Christopher McDonald and company.

2. Billy Madison- I recently did a review and I love this movie not just because it was filmed in my hometown here but the moments in the movie, that darn penguin and him saying T- t-t-today JUNIOR! Such a classic movie, indeed. 

1. Happy Gilmore- It is an hilarious movie which also features the former host of The Price is Right, Bob Barker, even to this day he'd still be able to fight Happy Gilmore at age 97.  Also they poked a little of fun on The Price is Right a few times in there but the moment I loved was the fight with Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) and (Bob Barker) hahaha!

                   There are my top 5 list and really haven't seen all the movies and an honorable mention would also be Anger Management which he's in it and another great movie but if I kept on going to a top 10 this blog would be way to long for you guys but that is today's post and I hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know if you guys would like to see another top 5 list in the nearby future.


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