Monday, September 27, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast-- We Have To Talk!

             I originally was gonna announce the plans for 2022 for Entertainment Man Podcast but that has now changed since. Yeah, I have since the end of the weekend stopped working on planning out Entertainment Man Podcast and getting notes done and have now removed it off of my things to do list for right now.  It is not on my list of things to do right now and here is why-- I am not pleased the views have gone down to 3 to 0, nothing nadda, zip! I know it isn't you guys as I know a ton of you guys listen to my episodes and it has to do with the platform having some issues perhaps who knows? I have made some mistakes going back where I started but I cannot be playing musical websites all the time and I am not reuploading all 51 something episodes now and it is not the right time to do such a thing. Also I have been informed that there is an looping issue with Stitcher and already emailed them. 

           I even threatened that I'd not be promoting their website whatsoever which is true I refuse to promote it till they fix the issue and you will not be seeing the link for a while. Other platforms do not have that same issue so it is better to not promote it. So I am stopping any work that is being done is put on hold and it hasn't been worked on. I actually removed it off my things to do list and no plans to work on it at this moment which really opens a ton of time to work on the collab at the moment. If it isn't one thing, it's another that is a problem. Getting sick and tired of the issues and I am having some doubt on a lot of things but I gotta do what I gotta do and it means not promoting certain sites, so be it. That is my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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