Monday, November 15, 2021

Blogs & Podcasts Ramble

                Noticed the quality of my posts have gone down and it's not great, however the fact I get noticed for my posts and most blogs are now 2 or 3 likes per tweet out and 1 - 3 via the group is good. However as you guys all know since I can't do events right now and I would like to as there is one event happening in Toronto aka the Christmas Market and I know I said I wasn't planning to cover the event but if I do go this could most definitely be a test for me to how I handle the market and make it an official first event back since December 2019 which I believe Tyrone Parade of Lights was the last but that could of definitely been the Toronto Christmas Market and also Tyrone Parade is happening but you have to drive around which is good but either way if we go to any of those, I will be sure to let you guys know and I will make sure to bring my camera with me if I go to any of those events. Maybe if I do those events again it'll bring up the views on my blog content and the site again as it was a staple here on

               Now podcasts is not a problem whatsoever, the views are great especially for Entertainment Man Podcast and proud of everything it has become but Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is slipping in listens and maybe we have been doing this too long to a point it's become irrelevant. Sorry to Larry and all of you if I offended you but starting to think our listeners are bored with the collab yet we have good conversation about episodes but I do not know if I wanna continue with this beyond RPM at this point. Feel like putting it back on hiatus and just focus on Entertainment Man Podcast for the time being? Perhaps and maybe it's that time I finally pull the plug on the collab or even better yet change things up in the notes for RPM which commences production Wednesday morning and this may be the last season I cover. Might be time to move on but I do not wanna disappoint Larry in the process.  Maybe this is something I need to do is talk to Larry about the views gone down on us and I think I will mention it. However for right now that is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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