Friday, November 12, 2021

End of The Week Updates [11-12-2021]

               I know, I'm not Chris and he's asked me to fill in and it is cause of the recent drama that has happened in the community. Let me be clear-- There is 0 tolerance for drama and stirring up trouble in the community, no matter where, this website, social media of his, he is fed up and I DO NOT blame him one bit. I am at the same point and former site admins have quit on us cause of the drama in the community and I am not going to leave him for anything in the world. Nobody will force me to walk out on Chris. So today I am filling in for today and here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Starting tomorrow, Chris is starting to work on Entertainment Man Podcast for 2022 so he has notes done for 2022. He's kind of pulling a double today and tomorrow as he has to record and edit the podcast for Sunday.

7th Anniversary: He was suppose to go live for his anniversary and has cancelled the event but there will be some videos about 2 or 3 videos coming out Sunday regarding the anniversary and him celebrating 7 Years with ChrisBOnTheWeb along with Entertainment Man Podcast at the usual 1 pm EST. 

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Chris has requested postponing Jungle Fury next week because of everything going on and he went off on Larry that he's tired of the drama and threatened to walk. I am being honest he's not happy and I do not blame him whatsoever. Back to the updates: He is going to start working on RPM on Monday and take 3 - 4 days to watch, then typing up the final set of notes for this year.

                 That is the update and please, please remember there is rules for a reason and the blatant respect for the rules will not be acceptable and makes me wonder if Chris and I should be a bit stricter in the rules we have set. For example no more 3 chances, however this is up to him as it is his community both and I will have to discuss this when he's feeling better hopefully in a few days and comes around as right now he's not talking to very many people. I guess I am in charge while he takes time to himself. In the meantime, have a great weekend and I'm sure Chris will be back Monday.

Savannah, Web/Graphic Designer & Site Admin 

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