Thursday, November 11, 2021

Christmas Market Is Happening This Year-- I'm Not Breaking My Word!

                The title doesn't lie, I know the Christmas Market is happening, but I refuse to go as we're still in a pandemic and I am not about to risk myself getting sick. Not only that, I already told you guys that I wouldn't be going to events till next year and that promise will not be broken whatsoever. I have a plan and I honestly need to stick to the plan moving forward and I am not about to break the promise or my word. I do not care, I am not getting sick for anything, not risking my life and getting sick from a  pandemic. I know and realize that there will be restrictions and limitations at this event but still we have to travel from here to Toronto by train and back and I am nowhere near ready for that far of a journey. I really do not care about going to Toronto right now my health and safety is more important then some Market right now. 

                Remember what I said-- I would start with local events first in my region not Toronto right straight off the bat and I plan on keeping my word on that to be honest.  Why rock the boat at the moment? I just not feeling that ready to actually make this move, not right now/ I don't care if I am being called stubborn, I am doing what is best for me in the end. Like I said my health means more then anything in the world right now then going to Toronto. It will happen in the nearby future but not right now. That is all I have to say on this matter and it is too early to take the risk and rock the boat. We still have between 300 - 600 cases a day which is quite high and now it is not the time to play around like this. I will talk to you tomorrow for the end of the week updates.


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