Tuesday, November 16, 2021

I Messed Up....

              I want to apologize to you all for lashing out on both this website and also Power Rangers Collab. I made a threat of completely stopping Power Rangers Collab after RPM. It was unprofessional and wrong of me to lash out especially on the collab and I will get into the screenshot but it is no secret Larry and I have had issues and I think the fact yesterday I was mad at someone yesterday, I should of kept my mouth shut and not lash out on the site on both and really shows no professionalism. I realize that this morning and I realize that I have a contract and NDA with Larry for the next 2 years for this collab. I know the views not been the greatest for the last one and the screenshot on the right are the listens for the podcast on the last episode and it doesn't compare to the SPD season and it is no secret Larry and I have had some tech issues lately and it's not an excuse it's the truth we have some humming issues lately. I got a clue that is why the listens went down on the last show we did. 

                Now I can say Operation Overdrive is better and I haven't really edited the episode yet and it is work in progress and on the long list of things to do right now. I have a good feeling it'll do better this time around and views will be up. Maybe it is cause Mystic Force wasn't a fan favorite too so that could be another possibility. I attached a screenshot of the listens. 16 listens isn't really that bad to be honest and yeah we could of done better but I got that feeling that Operation Overdrive will be a ton better then the last episode. As you know Thursday will be the next podcast and always room for improvement that's for sure and excited to be covering the next episode. I do have a plan for RPM moving forward to try and better the podcast with more questions to ask Larry it'll definitely improve things. Anyways that is my post for today I will talk to you tomorrow for a movie review.


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