Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Man Movie Review

                  This has been a movie, I've wanted to review for a very long time now. The Man has Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy in the movie which is between a comedy and action and it is hard to really categorize it myself and I would have to look it up but majority of the movie is comedy. I can say both Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene are quite a pair in this. Reason I say that is the scene where Eugene Levy says you shot me and Samuel says I grazed you was pretty hilarious but the most hilarious is when he questions Vann which is the role that Samuel L. Jackson plays why he swears so much and that he say say f you, f this then he mentions to add for crying then you will be able to say oh for crying out loud! You can imagine how times I replayed that scene over and over again. Pretty epic moment in the movie to be honest. 

                   I didn't realize this the movie was filmed in Toronto as the streetcar tracks are visible on the camera. So very cool and the one angle you can see part of the skyline but no CN Tower or now called the Rogers Centre. Either way, it is an amazing movie and I enjoy the movie and I watched it recently for a laugh and that was the main purpose behind it as I was feeling down on myself and needed a laugh. So if you like comedies I do highly recommend this movie. Such a great movie and was hilarious at times. Oh one other thing I would like to add in how many times Eugene Levy said "I DID NOTHING WRONG!" I just love the way they had smart alec comments made from him. I give it a 10 out of 10 all day long. That is my post for today, it is not a long one like the last few days but I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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