Friday, November 5, 2021

End of The Week Updates [11-05-2021]

                Another week has gone by and it is time for another end of the week update. Lots to update you guys, it has been a crazy week with getting work done and made some very important decisions that I have made this week but anyways here are the updates:

Website: Chat has done well and I'm sorry, I haven't been active in chat, been busy with the content but I am in there hiding out in chat and never know I may say something from time to time you never know but trying to be more interactive and transparent with you guys. As Savannah announced, 

Power Rangers Collab: This is the probably the longest of the updates but there is a ton of news that Larry and I have discussed. First of all the updates on the podcast as of right now. The plan is to finish up Jungle Fury notes and send em off next week to him and he knows that he will be waiting for em as just less then 2 weeks we record once again before a bit of a break till December. Following the conclusion of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, I am going right into RPM. I am not wasting any time to getting RPM done and sent out. Also following RPM, I will be working on Samurai and Super Samurai. Yeah I am going full force before a break is going to be required. Reminder that Larry and I are waiting to post up till both Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury are recorded. Either way, busy, busy with content. The next thing is Larry will be doing one off podcasts between the seasons and we do not know when we will record those but we will let you guys know when we plan on those. Finally some news on the forefront Larry mentioned the Sentai adaptation of Power Rangers so sounds like they will be indeed doing more seasons, Season 29 is pretty much a thing and Season 30 too so this podcast is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

                 Those are the updates for this week, most of the updates were Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast related but that is the information I have been sitting on all week and excited to tell you guys all this crazy news. I am sure Larry and I will once the one offs are done we have movies and what not to cover we have plenty of content as I wanna activate that Collab tab as it's been sitting there unclickable for quite sometime. However that is it for today, have a great weekend and talk to you all Monday!


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