Thursday, November 4, 2021

Retro Gaming (Memories As A Kid)

                This year, I got to experience this and honestly it brought back memories as a kid. I got to play Nintendo again, Super Mario Brothers which is very retro from the 90s and boy I stunk.... LOL... I think out of all the times I played, I cleared the level once out of all the attempts which goes to show how bad I was at it... haha. Either way it was fun to play to be honest. Next up on my retro gaming was NHL which was weird to play as the last time I played it was when my brother was still living here at home and that was a long time ago. I really stunk at that too as I kept on putting the puck in my own net... LOL... Whoops. Anyways it was fun despite Montreal Canadians beat the pants off of me cause of my own stupidity. I'd like to put a note that this was on the Sega Genesis System. 

               Other retro games I played was the Ren and Stimpy game which was a ton of fun back in the day and really enjoyed playing it in general. Also Sonic The Hedgehog which my niece and nephew have been playing it and am glad they have been introduced to the older video games back then. Either way it is was fun to play the games again and being reintroduced back to retro gaming and playing games that I grew up with and it is always nice to relive my childhood. That is my Throwback Thursday story for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates!


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