Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Minecraft-- Got A Minecart Theft & Abandoned Railway

                Recently I have caught a zombie taking one of my niece and nephew and mine minecart in the act and I do not know what right they have to stealing our cart. Who knows where the carts disappeared to cause there are 3 directions the carts can go into the main North and South or East and West the cart could be at any of those directions and I would have to go take a trip down all 3 lines to just see if there is a cart. I am not sure if this has anything to do with an update to the game and it could of been that but the buggers had the nerve to go on a joy ride on my cart. Now I cannot even trust leaving a cart on the rails without the carts taken out on a joy ride so now I have to go looking for it and dunno how many have been taken out and I will have to see and will be funny how many they've stolen on me.

                Now the other part is the abandoned railway in the north end of the railway as I consider the front south and the back north but the north side at the now bigger wooden house since I have expanded and it is now more spacious then it was before and has a facility that houses a storage unit on the downstairs. I am not yet done with it, just been dealing with this zombie joy riding problem on there. Anyways beyond the end of the line at this wooden house which eventually I wanna try and relocate the house closer to the railway but beyond the wall where the button is an abandoned railway.  When I built it originally it continued on and it went far beyond this island. There are rails placed down on the bed of the railway so I guess it was suppose to been used when the railway was first put down is my guess but the power rails are not powered. So right now it is abandoned. Who knows if I will use it but it's sitting there unused at this moment. That is my post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


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