Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Personal Website-- Coding Issues, etc!

                  Yes! There was a personal website and I wish I had the screenshot of what it looked like but I asked Savannah to remove it or more or less she told me there was issues with the menu bar and the header not space each other and Savannah and myself worked on it for an entire day tinkering with the code and the issue wasn't being resolved so we scrapped the entire website but it was looking like an awesome website what was completed before scrapping it all together and you guys would loved it, really I mean it was an awesome website. It is what is is in the end and these things happen, not sure even to this day I know what went wrong because to be honest, it was the same code this website has.... LOL! We literally stole the code from this website as it was a base for us to trying to build this.

                  Anyways that is now in the past and the plan is to continue on with this website and later when I decide to stop as a content creator, I plan on maintaining this website and keep the archives alive. Probably the schedule and podcasts tabs will not exist it'll probably end up being a smaller scale kind of website then it is now but I may just leave the schedule up to the last known schedule but who knows.  I do not really have a plan for how the site will look later on as right now as I do not plan on retiring anytime soon, I wanna continue on with this website and the content and right now there are no plans on me slowing the heck down anytime soon, there is plenty more to come and stay tuned! I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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