Monday, November 1, 2021

Not Even 24 Hours Later and Podcast Has Done Well!

        It hasn't been even 24 hours and the podcast has done so well for not even 24 hours old. This goes to show, I have worked extremely well on shows and the combination of stories about my days on YouTube and podcasting and an array of different topics that I have done thus far in the last year and a half has proven to have done extremely well. I think going back to proven that this podcast has a spot in the inter webs. I know I have my share of technical issues with the platforms but I have come through all of these this issues that I have had over the course of the last year and a half since the podcasts inception on March 8th of 2020.
           Right now I am riding on an all time high and I think and know that I have found the right podcast for me which is Entertainment Man Podcast and I can see myself doing this for 2 more years at the most, probably many years from now. Yes I said 2 or more cause I have already put out an outline for not just 2022 but 2023. I am looking into the long run of this podcast. It is doing so well, may as well continue on growing this thing bigger and better each and every week. Same with the bonus episodes it does well but not as well as a regular episode on Sundays but remember it's only a bonus and it is a shorten version of the podcast. I think between the 17 and 21 minute mark, I have hit the sweet spot for the podcast and that is what matter. I am very impressed how well it's done. That is my post for today, have a great rest of your Monday and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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