Monday, November 8, 2021

Minecraft-- End of an ERA & New World!

             Well it is an end of an era for the long running Minecraft server that has had a lot of twists and turns, 3 different railways in 3 different directions, the massive compound that we had built with a glass dome. I ran out of things and ideas to come across to building so after discussing it with my niece and nephew, I have saved the world on my USB key and decided to start over with a different type of world, more of a flatland which you cannot dig too far down or you fall out of the world.  I will get to that shortly as I wanna finish up my update on the old world. I redid the entire end house in the northern region from wood to complete stone and I believe there is still stone there for expansion above but that isn't happening anytime soon or ever. I am ready for a new and more innovative project in this world at this point and like I said I ran out of ideas on the server as there is so much you can do over time. 

            Now the new world is going to be the building of a city starting with City Hall which will be definitely like my city hall, I plan on trying to replicate the city hall we have here and it will be quite difficult to replicate and I will try the best I can to replicate it. I had to remove one of the beams that I have built because I wasn't happy with it whatsoever as it wasn't big enough for me and I want it a little bigger. There will be a library and would be neat to replicate the city hall and Memorial Park here like we have but we'll see how things go, the city hall is the first project which will take a while to build and what I will have to do is do a skeleton of the first level and the rest should come all together from there on out. That is my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and in a few weeks, I will update again but for right now, I have to work on this for a little while. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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