Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Are Larry and I Going to Cover The Power Rangers Movies

                You know the answer to this and it's been spoken about the past year and half now. The answer is YES! We are indeed planning to actually cover the movie sooner but this pandemic, COVID-19 happened and we were swamped with a few things 1 of them being the fact we had to change the setting from being in studio to online plus falling so far behind on our schedule for each year, we had to play catch up so the movies have ended up on the backburner at this moment. However as I mentioned last week with the most recent meeting with Larry and it is clear that there is a possibility of Power Rangers stopping with new seasons or being cancelled but it is not 100% clear and I am thinking that there getting to the end of Sentai footage. However as I have said on social media both him and I have 21 ideas for Power Ranges Collaboration Podcast and 3 of them are indeed the movies which as follows:

  • Power Rangers The Movie (1995)
  • Power Rangers Turbo Movie (1997)
  • Power Rangers Movie (2017) 
                So those are the 3 movies we want to cover and by then, we will have another movie on the list I'm sure as they have spoken about the movie having a second movie. So what it sounds like, they may just focus on movies instead of the series. So moving forward off the seasons itself, if they stop making newer seasons, then we can most definitely do the movies. What I'm saying we can most certainly keep the podcast active on the list but it won't be as often but as for your question, yes him and I are planning on the movies just the question is when will we get the chance to do the movie and it sounds like beyond February 2023 we will be continuing this podcast on it's part time status. We, meaning Larry and I have an Agreement till January 1st, 2024 so we still got another 2 years in the books so plenty of the collab to happen, don't worry. 


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