Monday, July 19, 2021

Radio Interview This Week (

                  This week is going to be definite defining moment in my online career. I got an radio interview which technically is my first ever radio interview I have done in my career. I have been on other podcasts in the past but to be on a station hundreds of thousands of listeners, this is going to help me out as a content creator (blogger/podcaster.) I am both excited and nervous but it is just a normal feeling and I will be just fine. This is going to really make or break my career and excited to do this. It has been about 2 years actually since my last interview and I am sure with Entertainment Man Podcast here for the duration I am sure there will be more interviews down the road, because I am nowhere near done with Entertainment Man Podcast and ChrisBOnTheWeb.

                 As I said in my announcement, I will be LIVE, on  at 3 pm ET, 2 PM CT 8 pm, 1 pm MT, 12 pm PT, 8 pm GMT. You will have to click on Listen Live to listen to the interview live and it will be up to 10 mins long. I ask you guys to listen to this interview and support me and also support this station. More listeners the better helps them and helps me on my very first interview in 2 years now. I will be posting up that I live on the air, Facebook/Twitter will just be a written post but as for Instagram it will be a video post but the links will be in the description below on the post. I cannot wait and you can't imagine how excited I am for this interview and it will be a great way to get myself out there. If you get opportunities take em when you get em. Till tomorrow have a great day and please be sure to listen Thursday @ 3 pm ET on


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